1. Deposits can be made into the account by credit card, bank transfer or cheque and wire transfer. The name on the credit card or the bank transfer should be identical to that of the player receiving the funds. If this is not the case, the deposit will be rejected and the funds paid back. Any charges levied by the banks/payment gateways will be deducted from the reversed amount.

    2. When depositing by credit card your credit card account will be debited immediately upon completion of the transaction. It is also suggested that you print all transaction data and keep it readily accessible for your own records.

    3. Any funds deposited must be utilised for the placing of bets or for playing games.

    4. All transactions are checked for possible money laundering activity. Any suspicious activity on an account could lead to the player being reported to the relevant authorities and freezing of the funds and could also lead to the closure of the account and confiscation of the funds.

    5. The refund policy of is to not affect any refunds. However, it remains at management’s discretion to determine whether a refund request for a deposit made should be entertained.

    6. Bonuses can from time to time be placed into a player’s account as part of a sales promotion/marketing campaign. More details of each bonus scheme will be published on the website as they are introduced. Bonuses can only be withdrawn if the bonus conditions have been met.

    7. Funds cannot be transferred from the account of one player to the account of another player.

    8. A player can't any time log in to his account and view a statement of his account which would show all transactions effected on that account, namely deposits, bonuses, winnings, bets made, pending bets and withdrawals. Should the player notice any mistakes he should notify, or either one respectively, immediately so that the mistake can be rectified. The player should report such a mistake within ninety (90) days from when the mistake first appeared on the statement available on the website.

    9. At any time, a player can decide to withdraw part or all of his funds from his account by selecting from the various options made available by . Depending on the currency and on the chosen withdrawal option, certain transaction fees may apply. will not charge any fees for withdrawals, however, all bank or payment processor fees will be borne by the player. Once all the available funds have been withdrawn, the player has the right to close his player account if he wishes to do so.

    10. will do its utmost to process any withdrawal requests within three to five (3-5) working days from receipt of such request.

    11. Whenever possible withdrawals are always transferred to the same account used to deposit.

    12. The player acknowledges that may only entertain withdrawal requests once it is satisfied about the player’s identity.

    13. The player hereby also acknowledges that it is a legal requirement for to verify the identity of players requesting any withdrawals.

    14. All payments will be processed through