4. Aborted & Miscarried Games

    1. If a Player’s device malfunction or internet connection is lost after the bet has been placed and received by the system of Companies, the bet/s will be accepted and will participate in the game. The outcome of the game can be checked after the Player’s device or connection are functioning properly again.

    2. In the case of Live Blackjack should the Player’s device or connection be lost and the Player’s cards are still below sixteen (16) points then another card or cards will be drawn until the points total exceeds sixteen (16) or twenty-one (21). The Player will be credited with any winnings. No more bets will be placed after the connection is lost or a player does not communicate with the croupier for two (2) minutes.

    3. Should any of the systems of Companies malfunction before a result is determined then all confirmed bets will be immediately voided.

    4. If it is a problem with the roulette wheel, bets that have been confirmed will be retained and will participate in the game once the problem is fixed